Tinto de Verano

Passion for Sevillanas in The Netherlands !

Thursday, June 23, 2005

MEMBERS - About us

We are a diverse group with one common passion: Sevillanas. We enjoy dancing, teaching Sevillanas, and performing. Tinto de Verano consists of 4 enthousiastic dancers.

Imelda Echevarria: I was born in León, Spain, in 1982. Although my first Sevillana lesson took place in my hometown when I was only 8 years old, it was in 1996, when I moved to Holland, when my Sevillanas journey really started. I took lessons from Aurelio and Sandra Sanjuán and moved on dancing some Flamenco, under guidance of Joke Uljee in Leiden. After a while I started teaching Sevillanas, together with Aurelio.

Aurelio Alonso: I was born in Cartagena, Spain, in 1966. I learned how to dance Sevillanas from Spanish dancers in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz (Spain) when I was a teenager. Later I improved my style by assisting to a private Dancing School, also in El Puerto. Since 1997 I have been teaching Sevillanas in different locations of Holland, and have been performing regularly, both in Holland and in Belgium. I have taken part in different Sevillanas contests as participant and as jury. Every year I attend one of the most important Ferias in Spain (Málaga, Jerez, Puerto de Santa María, etc) together with our enthousiastic Dutch pupils.

Ekaterina Gasperovitch: I was born in Tbilisi – capital city of Georgia – in 1967. Since 1993 I live in Holland. I learned Sevillanas from Aurelio Alonso and Sandra Sanjuán in 1999. At the same time I began dancing Flamenco with Teresa Jaldón and Vida Peral in Amsterdam. Since a couple of years ago I teach Sevillanas with Aurelio and take part in different Sevillanas events and contests.

Azucena Mayordomo: I was born in Valladolid, Spain, in 1972. I have always been a huge Sevillanas fan but never had the chance to learn how to dance them until I in 1999 met Sandra Sanjuan and Aurelio Alonso in The Hague. Since then, I have been involved in all kinds of Sevillanas events: classes, contests, fiestas... I even make my own Sevillanas clothes. I am currently taking flamenco lessons.